Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Benefits of Prosperity

Of course, prosperity is beneficial.

But what kinds of prosperity are there?

Well, money, of course.

But what else?

My study of prosperity started as a spiritual alert after I rolled my jeep and walked away and lived.

Since that time, I have been discovering the true nature of prosperity.

Prosperity is everywhere.

In Nature, there is a perfect balance.

Whatever is needed in every climate and geology, there is appropriate plant and animal life sustaining itself in perfect balance, changing with the seasons.

In businesses, there are people with ideas to serve other people by providing solutions.

In families, there are commitments to take care of each other.

Each of these systems illustrate prosperity.

By turning away from fear of limitation, we, too, can live a life in balance in every season, look for and find solutions to help serve others, and practice a commitment to take care of others.

This allows us to live a life of prosperity.

By drawing on inner resources, we can practice balance, service and commitment.

Our inner awareness leads us to solutions.

Taking the steps outwardly, which are provided by our inner listening, builds up a practice of prosperity.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Americans are taught to think they don’t have enough.

We have recently downsized form a 2800 square foot suburban house where we raised five of our seven children.

We are now living in a 240 square foot cabin off-grid.

What a wonderful release of stuff and new-found freedom!

As I read Yunus’ book, “Creating a World Without Poverty”, I am struck by how the steps which created his concept of micro-credit have continued to expand to meet the needs of millions of people all over the world.

This is truly an insight into the infinite nature of the Universe.

My own thinking has been transformed as I find I have plenty in my little cabin.

 As we add to our skills, we become more and more comfortable.

A 5’ x 6’ window made us more comfortable.

Small windows for cross breezes made us more comfortable.

Insulation made us more comfortable.

An indoor shower made us more comfortable in cold weather.

A garden shower made us more comfortable in warm weather.

A wood stove has made us more comfortable.

A level brick step has made us more comfortable.

We have enough.

We have plenty.

In fact, there is so much abundance all around us, I can’t take it all in.

I did not feel like that while living in our urban surroundings and being told we did not have enough.

Now, with much less stuff and surrounded by Nature, I feel overwhelmingly abundant.

In fact, I have so much joy to share, it keeps coming back to me in increasing measure.

I am so grateful we took the steps which have led to more and more freedom and abundance for us.

We truly have enough.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Extinction Burst

Extinction Burst is a term from behavior psychology, originating with Dr. B.F. Skinner.

It refers to the phenomenon of a type of behavior hitting an extreme high right before it is discontinued and exterminated.

For example, a child may have gotten results by throwing tantrums in the past, but when his parents learn not to reward the tantrums, they may continue and even get worse before the child realizes there will be no more reward for bad behavior and stops throwing tantrums.

Our culture may be at this point in its evolution.

We are seeing the worst of racism, which has hidden underground for many years since the Civil Rights Act.

We are seeing the worst economic divide, with Wall St. taking advantage of the newest generation of students.

We are seeing the 1% manipulate politics as well as commerce.

We are seeing self-interest to an extreme.

And we are also seeing world awareness on a scale never possible before internet communications and news reports could be made immediately.

Good behavior in the form of stewarding the planet, its resources and its people is going on in many places.

Good practice in honoring systems which really work needs more attention.

We are certainly in the middle of interesting and challenging times.

We will see what this “extinction burst” brings us.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Micro Credit

I am reading “Creating a World Without Poverty” by Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am astounded at the depth and simplicity of the ideas for creating a bank for microcredit and microloans.

His move from teaching economics at a university in Tennessee to teaching in his native country of Bangladesh to visiting a poor village led to observations and practical steps for helping the poor.

The system which evolved honors women, as they spend their money in the community and on educating their children.

It has a 98% payback rate where traditional banks have a 70% payback rate.

There are community support systems which have evolved.

It is based on micro-preneurism, tiny businesses which have taken hundreds of thousands of families out of poverty in the two decades of operation.

The Sixteen Principles which the bankers practice encourage education of children as soon as possible.

There are even micro loans for beggars, 100,000 loans and 10,000 people are no longer beggars as a result.

During the floods which affected two-thirds of Bangladesh, it took five months for people to resume their loan payments as they were rebuilding.  Grameen Bank worked with them so they could get additional funds for rebuilding.

There have been other offshoots reaching into the communities of poor people, businesses which Dr. Yunus calls “social businesses” whose purpose is to improve the lives of their clients.

These “social businesses” are run like a business to pay all the expenses of the business and to make a profit, but the main purpose is what the business does for its’ clients.

I am only eighty pages into this book but I have already ordered two more by this author.

It was interesting to compare the steps of public policy in the US to what I am learning about in this book.

Entrepreneurs on the micro level seem like a very powerful concept which is documented to be working all over the world.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Respect for the Soul's Deep Longing

It is never a loving gesture or requirement to overrule someone’s sense of direction or identity.

Each person has an individual spiritual identity.

It wants to be expressed.

It will keep trying because it is an inexorable fact of that person’s existence.

Where it does come through to expression, the person is happy productive and fulfilled.

Where it is prevented from coming through to expression, there is unhappiness, frustration, and perhaps, even violence.

We must listen not only to our own soul, but also respect the guidance our children and students are receiving and honor it.

We must encourage the social justice and equality that will translate to utilize all our resources, both spiritual and manifested, to uplift all of society.

Then we will see happiness, productivity and fulfillment on an unimagined scale which will be self-perpetuating as long as we honor and respect the fact and right of the soul’s deep longing to be expressed.

This approach will create the tools of expression both for individuals and for all of society.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Help Share the Good Things

How much of good do we need?

There is unlimited good for each and everyone of us when we know how to look for it.

Focusing on our Unlimited Source helps bring good things, people and circumstances into our life.

Still, the self-justification of greed on the scale of Congress and those who seek to dodge their gratitude and responsibility for the good in their lives and businesses is shocking and ridiculous.

Be grateful!

Be responsible!

Pay the taxes that enable everyone to participate more and more fully in their own freedom to develop more and more good ideas for all of us.

This is not naive.  It is inclusive because it respects and values everyone.

Grow up and grow out of greed.

Find better and more unselfish, generous and respectful ways to express your wealth!

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Everyone, without exception, is God-governed.

We all have harmonious biological systems which carry us around from place to place.

We all have language for communication.

We act in harmony in so many ways.

There are buildings, institutions, transportation, orders of study, systems of business and education, which are all aimed at growth and improvement.

Harmonious and loving relationships are the goal and achievement of many.

Contributions through invention, imagination, arts, business, economics, engineering, agriculture all lift us higher in our expression.

We all have so many gifts to share.

We all compliment one another in how all our gifts fit together to form a society and culture.

We individualize this Master-plan as we grow and define our own unlimited roles and help others to do so as well.

Every idea which helps break through limitations is assured of success by the Law of Infinite Return.

An Infinite ROI, Return On Investment.

Living in an Infinite Universe, we are all able to bless each other in every way.

We do not allow anyone to be left out.

We are all so precious and loved, cherished and adored.

This feeling within ourselves, communicates and joins together with others of like mind, and we achieve a harmonious neighborhood, country and planet.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage