Friday, March 28, 2014

Old impressions give way

This old impression of who I am 
is giving way to the person I want to be.

I replace the old impression consistently.
It sets up a new vocabulary of attraction immediately.

The old words to the old songs
become a distant discordant melody.

the new world I am creating with new words and songs
surrounds, uplifts, embraces me repeatedly.

Old pains are released, I feel my freedom tingling.
Exhort, affirm and celebrate my entrance into the Kingdom.

I do not have to fix the old or anything from the past.

Once I no linger live there, there is no receiving address.

My ever-growing recognition of my freedom permeates
my mind, then body, all surroundings, people, places, things.

I live anew in a new world.  I see through different eyes.
I understand through different thoughts.  I’m valuable and prized.

If you see me in my new form, you are a friend indeed.
You, too, have walked a growing path, you, too, have sensed the needs.

A few are called, yet more and more reach out the this new message.
That we are One.  With new Resources, we’ll see what life now presages.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage