Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Puzzle With a Ready-Made Solution


I got carried away by the Injustice Department.

I got emotionally involved over the unfairness and stories of the erosion of our democracy.

As I calm myself down, I remember what was revealed to me last night through a series of little experiences in which I was helped four times by four different people.

Here are my conclusions.

We actually are free, individually and collectively.

The media and government agencies are being used to convince us that we are powerless and that we do not have the resources to be free, all of us, all the time.

What if we simply started treating one another kindly?

What if we continuously and consistently did the little things for each other that we can see to do?

Would not this break the power of the so-called power holders?

Being unified by kindness.

If we can be made to feel afraid enough, and to feel isolated or separated in our fear, then the breaking down of society will continue to work as it has been working.

But if we can take all the little steps we can to take care of one another, we will find that we have the true and practical power.

I am not sure how this will continue to grow until it includes everyone, but I feel that it must be true on the larger scale, one-to-one all over the city, all over the world, community by community.

Churches used to take care of their own, not welfare.

Neighborhoods used to watch each other’s children playing outside, not pay for childcare.

Communities used to come together to hep build barns, and share the cost of education in one-room schoolhouses.

Last night, I was helped by four individuals to find the Meet-Up I was looking for.

Each one used their resources - iphone, previous knowledge, car GPS system or their store’s proximity - to direct me.  Each person gave me their time and knowledge willingly.

I felt completely comfortable asking for help and it was always generously given.

I should add that I was in an unfamiliar part of the Metroplex.  Also, I am white and everyone that helped me was a person “of color”.   Even though I was 1 1/2 hour late for my Meet-Up, I felt this was a great experience to illustrate our true power and wealth as a community, as a people.

We all have talents.
(I passed a band in front of a restaurant several times.)
We all have skills.
(There were many cars and trucks with signs about their businesses in the parking lots I drove through.)

We all have compassion.

We all have understanding,

We all have generosity.

I think this is a time of transformation, not back to, but forward, to what we are here to express.

Not jobs that enable us to live in increasing isolation.

But more contact with each other.

More helpfulness.

More sharing.

When I list my talents and gifts and measure them up against my needs and then look around and see others talents and skills, I am sure we could just help each other out.

It would be a gift economy.  That is a practical example of what I have been learning about in reading Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein.

The human mind loves to solve puzzles.

Let’s solve this one.

©2013 Kathryn Hardage