Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cultivating My Government


I realized that I was getting more and more upset as I follow the news.

I was reacting with frustration and anger.

And then, I remembered what i am doing for my own life, in visioning and affirming what I want to see and live, so I have begun to do that for my government as well.

My government is incorruptible and compassionate.

It attracts those individuals who truly have an interest in good for all mankind.

My government is fair, just and inclusive.

It empowers individuals and respects them.

It values the people who make up the citizens of our country.

It cherishes the ideas that promote well-being for all.

It is aware and progressive and honest.

It seeks good for all.

It is fair to the environment and values the planet we all live on.

It moves forward in trusting and empowering individuals.

It gives good, honest, full information about situations.

It does not seek advantage for some, but bestows full rights and access to fulfill needs for all the populace.

It practices the best in openness, transparency, and in uplifting all of us to live harmoniously with trust and prosperity in all that we do.

It promotes and empowers local community.

It values the diversity which creative thinking can bring to solve any problem and promotes the general welfare.

It gives us the best in helping us to see each other as valued members of our society.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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