Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How We All See Each Other

When what we want to experience for ourselves is what we want for each other, we will  have started building a lasting society and civilization.

Because there are many ways to accomplish this, we will see a lot of cultural creativity.

And this has started all over the world through millions of organizations and grass-roots efforts.

In fact, that is what is changing the face of our governments right now.

The conviction that “we are all created equal” is a very powerful statement.

It has been taught now, through the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States, for almost 250 years.  

That is a lot of time for a lot of people to practice and to think about these concepts.
(See “Democracy”, at www.MusicandBooksforChildren.com.) 

However, since we are not only not doing it perfectly, but in some cases we appear to be moving in the opposite direction, this is a particularly challenging time.

But it is also a time of greater awareness and consciousness.

We have a different philosophy of life from the times of kings and hierarchies.

As a result, our nation, for many years, has enjoyed a status of freedom and prosperity unequaled in past times.

With everyone able to pursue a good education and to run businesses and to work for so many small business owners, carry out scientific research at universities and to value experiences in Nature, we have practiced great intellectual and personal freedom.

The attempt to return to outgrown notions of hierarchies and special privileges through the power of money will ultimately fail.

We will see how it works its way through the legislative and judicial bodies of the U.S. government as more and more citizens take part.

Ultimately, because the notions and practice of freedom have been experienced by so many, this will succeed.

It will succeed because we have all seen the power of outrage against special privileges.

Only in what takes care of us all, in the ways that best uplift society, will we see satisfaction in the way our governments are run.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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