Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eye and Light

Either word could be used to describe something “beloved or admired” to the preclassical Greeks, according to Leonard Shlain in his book, Art and Physics.

To me, the preclassical definition is wonderful!

Eye, beloved.

Light, admired.

Every time we see something with the eye, we are seeing it as beloved or admiring it.

Every time something comes to light, we are cherishing it as beloved and admiring it.

As I convert more of my conscious thoughts to positive energy, I find this concept very empowering.

I like the idea of directing my thought to admiration and love.

The old negative habits of criticism have found a much more uplifting replacement.

As I change a larger and larger proportion of what I see to be taken in as beloved and admired, I feel my entire being shift direction and receive uplifting energy.

I am just imagining the effects of more and more of us doing that.

Watch the world reach the tipping point of care and compassion, love and admiration, for every one and every thing we see.

I am glad to be participating in this new step of consciousness that has come to me.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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