Friday, January 31, 2014

Good Contacts

I am in contact with so many sources of good ideas, good motives, unselfish services.

I am reading Jan Phillips’ book, The Art of Original Thinking, with its breadth of documented good practices by businesses, individuals and organizations.

I just read the newest offer from Darn Good Yarn, which connects the producers in poorer parts of the world with crafters in affluent parts of the world.

And I got enjoy today’s creative idea from The Inbox Jaunt, a virtual Friday Sewing Circle, plus great machine quilting tutorials during the rest of the week.

I subscribe to many other upbeat and positive-turning blogs.

These are people who are looking at the problems and offering solutions.

As we all get under way with our solutions and connect with each other to continue uplifting our own lives, we touch many more lives in the process.

We are approaching a tipping point.

Do what it takes to keep yourself upbeat.

Keep adding to your opportunities for service.

Do not get dragged down.

I am so uplifted today by the action and inspiration of so many people who are sharing their ideas with the general public.

I am inspired to do so, too.

 © 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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