Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Growing Awareness

I am so appreciative of the growing awareness of issues which join all of us together.

Perhaps it has taken all the developments of technology and communication to help build this.

Perhaps it has taken all the local injustices together to correct the bigger misconceptions of how we are all related.

I am seeing a desire for more compassion everywhere I go.

There isn’t a topic that is not devoted to spreading the power of compassion for all our peoples in many countries, caring for the earth and celebrating the businesses that manage to run successfully while doing this, too.

The connections are all there.

It is we who are beginning to see them.

All this power of connection is presenting a whole new way of relating to one another.

It is a principle of good relationship, good stewardship which is replacing greed.

Defining the balance between efficiency and resilience is an embracing new concept.

The innovations in money systems as practiced by local currencies, BitCoin and by Complementary Currency Circuits (C3) in several countries, demonstrates the power and freedom and prosperity available on small and large scales.

The freedom and compassion of individuals is expanding to include everyone on earth.

The good feeling and desire for good for everyone is supported by every system known on earth and is being implemented in innovative and practical ways.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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